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Frequently Asked Questions

For any questions not answered in this FAQ, please post them on the Questions entry.


I am offering / donating [something], how do I go about it?

  • All auction posts will open on Saturday, August 20th, 5:00 PM GMT.

Can I specify which fandoms I'm willing to offer for? Can I specify what I'm not willing to do?

  • Please specify which fandoms you're willing to offer for. If you are offering original work, please state as such. Also, you are welcome to specify what you are not willing to do (e.g. for fanfic, "I'm not willing to write breathplay or mpreg"). Be as specific as possible in your offer, so that bidders are informed beforehand.

Should I make one post for multiple offers? Or a separate post for each offer?

  • For one-medium works, please combine all your offers into one post. List all fandoms (including pairings/genres/etc., if applicable) that you are willing to offer for.

  • If you are offering more than one item within the same medium, please be specific regarding quantity and what constitutes 'winning' (e.g. "One drawing for each of the top three bidders" or "$5 will automatically win you a 300-word drabble, with five drabbles total being my limit.")

  • For offers containing multiple mediums, please separate them into individual offer posts. (E.g. If you are offering both a watercolor painting and digital drawing, you should make two separate offer posts.)

Can I specify which charities I prefer the winning bidder make the donation to?

  • Yes, you can specify as such in your offer post. Please ensure that you and the winning bidder(s) agree on which charity will be receiving the donation.

Can I retract my offer and/or bid?

  • As a general rule, no. Please do not offer or bid if you are unsure about being able to fully commit. However, if there are extraordinary circumstances that absolutely require that you retract an offer and/or bid, please PM the mods right away. Do not delete a bid or offer without first engaging in clear communication with the mods, as well as any offerers/bidders involved.

After a bidder has won a buy-it-now auction, how do I let the mods know that the donation has been confirmed?

  • Please make your donation confirmation post here. The offerer must confirm having received proof of documentation (email receipt, screencaps, and/or e-copy of physical receipt), and let us know which organization the donation was sent to. This is so we can ensure accurate recording of all transactions. If you have more than one buy-it-now winner, please wait until receiving confirmation from all winners to make a consolidated donation confirmation post.

Is there a deadline by which I should submit my work to the winning bidder?

  • No, there is no set deadline. However, you should communicate with the winning bidder either via PM or email to ensure that you both settle on an agreeable timeline. If you anticipate not being able to deliver your work for some time, please state as such in your offer post (or in a comment within the same thread). It is your responsibility to ensure that bidders are aware of any potential delays.


Can offers and/or bids be made anonymously?

  • No, this auction does not allow anonymous offers or bids, as neither can be properly vetted. If you wish to participate, please use a Livejournal account.

I will be bidding for [something], how do I go about it?

  • When the auctions open up, people can already start making bids on offerings. The minimum amount for each item is up to the offerer; after that, it will be up to the bidders. 

Near the end of the auctions we will be going through the offerings posts to determine the winners, and inform both the offerer and the winning bidder so that they can get in touch and coordinate on the item and donation.

 If you wish to bid for something immediately, go right ahead - but remember that a lot of people will be putting up offers and you might want to look around to see if your favorite author or artist will be putting something up.

What currency will be used for these auctions?

  • Please specify ALL amounts in USD. This will make it easier both on the people making the bids and on the organizations who will be accepting the donations. 
If you need a currency converter, please use this:http://money.cnn.com/data/currencies/

If I win an auction, what are the arrangements for making the donation and receiving the item that I bid for?

  • Winning bidders MUST contact the offerers and show them proof of donation, such as confirmation numbers, Bank Identification Numbers, receipts, or screencaps. Once that's settled, the offerer and the winning bidder can discuss the arrangements for delivering the item that was bid for and won. 

Please discuss these arrangements in private, off the auction posts, as much as is possible.

Can I make a non-buy-it-now donation prior to the end of auction, in order to send money more quickly to charities?

  • Absolutely. Please ensure that the amount on your receipt will either match or exceed the winning bid amount. If you are making a lump-sum donation with the intention to bid on multiple offers, please ensure that the amount on your receipt will either match or exceed the winning bid amount(s). All offerers should be notified of this by the end of the auction and you must provide to them a breakdown of the lump-sum donation.

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